Travel advantages

In this entry we will talk about our experience in Finland now that there are very few days left to go home, but we will do it following the words of the great Robin Esrock, who dedicates his life to travel and tell his adventures on these trips.

First of all mention that the South African has a bucket list in which he puts all his goals he wants in this life. Among them was giving a talk Ted, which he did in Vancouver and in it teaches you to travel by a few simple steps.

First of all it shows that the majority of people when you ask that they regret is not having traveled as much as they would have liked, showing that traveling is a common taste that most people have and that is very important in our lives . Within it distinguishes only two reasons why one travels: being fleeing from something or looking for something; In our case I think that we have come to Turku in search of something, in search of learning, a new culture, opportunities, “whatever may arise” … And that is why we have realized that it is a unique opportunity that has Left a lot of new experiences and anecdotes that we will tell in the future. But all these anecdotes and experiences would not have occurred if we had not made the right decision, whatever it was, to do something crazy or not to do it, to get into a lake at -25 degrees or not to do it … These kinds of decisions lead us to a position in Our lives that according to Robin is where we have to be so follow your instinct and let yourself go.


But without a doubt, the best learning that Esrock can leave us is not to panic or let us scare situations with third parties and is that people usually prefer to help you hurt you and in all your adventures everyone will Has helped, and that has known many of the world’s cultures and has integrated with other people totally different from him, and from there we must learn to lose the fear of people, and not only in the realm of experiences like But also applying it to business and our way of expanding our Networking.


Finally I would like to highlight the detail that the life of Robin Esrock reminds me in part of the movie Into wild but with the difference that Robin realized that those trips have to be shared and the best way is getting to know people.

Robin Esrock TED talk here.


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