Spark Up Event: How to make a speech according to Boost


Good morning readers !!

One of our OSO members attended an event, in Spark Up space, very interesting about how to give a speech and we wanted to share it with all of you. In this event he learned from relaxation techniques to how to use one’s own qualities and adapt them to make a speech correctly.

In the words of our companion, this was the learning she acquired during this event:

The start of the event focused on answering three questions to make a self-reflection of how we are leading our lives today. These questions were:

What is your dream?
What are you good at?
What are you doing right now to get your dream?

If we are studying LEINN it is because we are aware of what goals we want to achieve and we are working to carry out a path towards our dreams: to come to create our own ideas.


There are numerous tools to relax before making a speech, but the simplest ones are the ones we least think about:

1.Moving the arms and shoulders causes us to release tension and our body can feel more relaxed.

2. Perform ascents and descents with the same sound of voice, allows us to listen to ourselves and realize when and how we moderate the tone of voice.

3. Taking air and then releasing it while at the same time making a sound with your mouth (can be similar to the sound of a whistle) lets you know the lung capacity you have. With this you learn to make sentences longer (if you have higher lung capacity) or shorter (if you have lower lung capacity).

These tools are basic and it will only take you 5 minutes to do them before any speech, speech or even when you have to do a CV.

On the other hand, it is very different to perform a speech from the ground, where you are at the same level as other people, than to perform it from a stage where you are the main focus of attention.

TIP: If you are in a scenario, stay in the front of this one, since staying in the back means insecurity in front of the public and with yourself.

When a speech is programmed and your audience needs to be targeted in advance, it is IMPERATIVE that you properly report any person who is going to attend, because:

It is very important to know what kind of people are going to go and with that change your speech in a way that draws more attention to the public that comes.
Add or remove information from your speech to suit the situation.

If your own audience or part of the audience comes close after the speech to engage in conversation with you, it means that you have made the speech in a way that has caught the attention of the public.

If it has not been so, then you will not have done things quite correctly.

The first steps to perform a speech correctly are the following:

Presentation skills -> Flow of the presentation. Body-voice balance. Relaxed active body.
Structure -> Change hell to heaven climax.
Storytelling language -> Use retorics, hooks, make your story stick.
Interaction -> Understand that interaction is a process. Has creativity on how to talk to audience.
Express of emotions -> Get people interested, feel confidence.
Contact -> Listening to the audience. Read the audience and understand the mental process, you have understanding for deeper interaction.
The Speech should be structured as follows:

Introduction -> Sets the scene by introducing characters and context.
Complication -> Introduce the main problem for the characters in the story.
Middle (body) -> A sense of events and smallest problems that the characters have overcome.
Climax -> The important moment of the speech and the story. The characters solve the main problem.
Denovement -> The senses of the events where problems are resolved.
Coda -> The optional part at the end where the moral is revealed.

We hope this would help you, have a nice day!




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