Entrepreneurship, ¿Are you ready?

Searching the dictionary I found several meanings of the word Force, but I was looking for one in particular. The one that interested me contained in itself a brief description of what is the ‘entrepreneurship’.

It said: ‘Ability to support a weight or resist a push’, because entrpreneurship, is for sure based on that, resisting push, resist against your desire to quit, resist against problems, both economic and personal, always resist.

It sounds very epic, but after having visualized a couple of times the TV2 documentary called “How to be an entrepreneur and not die in the attempt” I have noticed that the entrepreneurs that appear have a quality in common, the capacity of resistance against the Adversities.

This video shows the experiences, which after all is where most is learned. A few entrepreneurs, how they started, how they followed and how they handled the moments on the tightrope in which sooner or later all of them have been through.

You will have to fight suppliers, banks, competition, people who do not believe in you, indebtedness, broken banks, investors and endless problems, but as Angel Viñas says in the video ‘Discover that clips are bought in the stationery is fine’ Because even failure is part of success and there is nothing more rewarding than fighting and growing your idea, quieting those who doubted.

Warning, please do not undertake as a reason to achieve economic independence or by trying to get rich, do not be so naive. As Raul Martin says, ‘That is not to be an entrepreneur, to be an entrepreneur is to invest in your idea, to believe in it and to shape it until you succeed’ against the wind and tide, against which I said before that you were going to fight.

The equation is simple, the illusion and passion lead to the desire, the desire to dedicate as much time as possible and dedicate as much time as possible leads to success.

There is a saying that I would like to point out: ‘The drop opens the stone, not by force but by constancy’, add intelligence and …. Voila!

Suffering is in the way of undertaking, you choose or take it and resist it until the end or do not start, you will only waste time.

Think about it

Guillermo – Kippit


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