What it takes to be a great leader

Roselinde Torres tells us about her experience as a leader and the observations and studies she has done from different business leaders from all over the world. It happens that many times when thinking about a leader we imagine a kind of superhero who knows everything and who protects and cares for his followers. This image is quite old-fashioned, nowadays a leader is a very different thing. After 25 years of observing what makes a leader a good leader, and having spent a year focusing on studying the leaders of different countries and companies, Roselinde describes based on three questions a leader of the 21st century: •

  •  Where are you looking to anticipate change? We have to have in mind that today you have to be prepared for any kind of change (as the book of “Who moved my cheese?” says) and first of all a leader must be prepared for it, he must shape his future so that he won’t be surprised by the changes.
  • How do you measure diversity in your network? It is super important the ability to create relationships with different people in every way, from another country, from another size, from another gender, from another race, from everything. Why? Because there is nothing like diversity to have different points of view and, moreover, surely we realize that having this diversity we will connect with many more people and we will go much further. That’s why great leaders understand that having diversity is a source of solutions, since you have people who think different to you and will bring you another way of seeing things.
  • Do you have the courage to leave the past? As the saying goes: “Go along, get along”. We have all made mistakes in the past and we must be able to leave these there and continue forward, always forward. A good leader does not just talk about taking risks, he actually takes them.



With all this I believe that some of the skills that a leader must have (of course there must be many more) are clear. I personally find the point of change important. I think many times we are afraid of change and maybe that is what sometimes makes the small difference of becoming a leader. I imagine a leader as a person who even though he is deep down and does not know how to continue is still there, at the foot of the cannon struggling to keep going and never losing hope or closing in band to the changes. We have to be flexible, we do not know what will happen tomorrow and much less in these times that every day happens something different or innovative, that every two by three we get advanced by the right and we must be prepared for it always with our plan B or at least hope that it could happen and have very clear that it is not the end of the world, everything comes out.

On the other hand I have seen in first person that diversity makes a normal team a great team. In LEINN I have been able to work with people that, maybe if I had had to choose my team I would have never chosen, and to my pleasant surprise it has been people with whom I have worked much better than with some that perhaps I would have chosen. So I think it’s super important to have an open mind in that sense, we have to be open to all kinds of opinions and to work with many people, all that we can because we will really realize that it is the best way to learn, listening and seeing others.

Aline Chopra



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