Just cook it

Emma Mota, Sara Peláez and Eva Alonso are three entrepreneur Spanish girls with a lot of attitude and motivation to develop projects at the same time as they contribute in a solidary way.

Just Cook It (http://www.justcookit.indalaprojects.com ) is their first kids project, specially made to encourage or promote kids three important things:

  • Have fun at the same time as they are learning.
  • Collaborating with a solidary reason.
  • Being aware that they are helping disadvantaged girls to achieve progress to their lives.

They are solidary courses that cooperate with GoodBites Association (http://goodbites.org). GoodBites is a social association in which they join different people for reasons related with food to enjoy an special moment at the same time they are helping to different social projects.

The 60% of the benefits Just Cook It obtains are given to Vicente Ferrer Foundation (http://www.fundacionvicenteferrer.org/es/), specifically to rehabilitate a girls shelter in Balasadam (India) (http://goodbites.org/causas-solidarias/casa-de-acogida-para-ninas-en-balasadam/).

Just Cook It courses are done every Friday in La Primitiva del Bercial (C/ Maestro Juan Francisco García 1, 28907 Getafe, Madrid). Different businesses have given them their help and collaborated giving the material needed for the courses for free.

They have already done 9 courses and donated 370€ to the cause. But, currently, they are trying to expand their project to other areas of Madrid and donating their future benefits to other reasons.



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