Inda Brand

After the interview with the new Inda brand of Indala Projects, formed by a group of three young entrepreneurs making their dreams come true, learning and creating together (Eva, Lucía and Willy) informed us that thanks to their business studies, they decided Bring to market this new line of “Boho” style hats.

However, they have more products to highlight such as the new jewelry that reflects the same style and values of their brand.

They never close doors, and they have a lot of products for future sale. The team has three people, who come from a different lifestyle, with different ideas and qualities that have made them achieve a special mix of creations in their designs. Each hat has a history and a personality.


Everything was born because of their great interest in the world of fashion and because they wanted to reflect their creativity in this field as complex as it can become the world of fashion. This is not an impediment for them though, they are identified by their motto “Stop wishing, start doing” to demonstrate that the dreams have to take them to the reality putting the greatest effort possible to reach their objectives.

The line of hats is customized and designed by hand by each team representative and each model makes a difference. Each member contributes their bit and makes their work continue. Their way of selling is online and they have another channel of sale in Spain in the store “Personal Showroom”.

They certainly want this brand to stomp wherever they go so they decided to start selling the new jewelery in their way through Finland, a different way and a unique opportunity that they have been able to take advantage of to launch their product. In order to be able to carry this out, they got informed about sales opportunities they had in this new country and especially in Salo, place of residence during their trip.

They managed to contact and put on sale their jewelry with a store called Bizarre very special and different, something that called their attention completely. Bizarre is characterized by its mixture of original products and different countries and its space is so special, which makes the difference compared to the rest of stores that are in Salo.

At Inda, they are completely open to all types of online and offline sales opportunities.


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