Hackathon is an event that tries to take advantage of the opportunity that we have in Finland to meet with Finnish students to try to define a social problem and try to solve it through teamwork. The teams will be formed depending on the qualities of each of the participants, trying to bring people together to create a team in which they are able to complement each other.

For those unfamiliar with the term hackathon, it is a type of event in which originally software developers met to solve complex problems. Currently this has resulted in an event that tries to solve a social problem by bringing together people with different skills.


In our case it is an event that aims to improve the ecosystem of the University of Salo, through multidisciplinary teams composed of Spanish and Finnish students.

The development process will be supported by a team of mentors and different thematic talks that provide learning to put into practice. After reaching the solution, the different teams must prepare an exhibition and expose it to the other teams.

FinlandChallenge will take place in early March at the University of Salo, Turku University of Applied Sciences. Whoever is interested can complete this survey.

We encourage everyone who wants to immerse themselves in this experience to fill out the survey and put your data and email at the end so that we can contact them and invite them to the event.

Any questions or suggestions:


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