Inspiration & Admiration to JL Casal

New country, youth, freedom …. Sounds good doesn’t it?

We arrived in Finland as a group of 17 young people where the eldest is 22 years old. From the beginning it seemed that it was going to be uncontrollable, that the reason for what we applied for this degree was going to fade, leaving the holiday and tourism as main objectives.

It hasn’t occured so. Here in Finland is where it all seemed even more clear to us about how lucky Kippit is to have Jose Luis as our team coach.

From the moment we arrived, our prejudices to some of our team members changed, people who weren’t doing so well in Madrid saw it as an opportunity to re-join and to get back on track, while those who were ‘Engines’, as Jose Luis usually says, have been able to not lose focus or faith in the future os us all as a team company .


He has managed to deal with the roller coaster there is in our team company, as said before, dealing with the mentality of young  and inexperienced students. Treating us with affection, Jose Luis has accompanied us during this month, both in personal and professional life, maintaining that spirit of work and team already created in Madrid. It is not easy to act as a tutor / coach during the hours at the office, but it is even harder to know how to defend ourselves as he has done, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is known that some of the members of Kippit have gotten into trouble more than once outside the study hours or have been affected by family issues occurred in Spain, outside the professional reach of Jose Luis, but as it is often said ‘Great people see each other in difficult times’ and in those moments when they were needed, there he was, creating an environment of trust that left no room for uncontrol.

Leaving aside the emotional and sentimental issue, he has behaved like a true leader, always the last to leave the office, he is one of those people who likes to preach through his own example. Rare is the time where there hasn’t been a member who has asked him for help or advice, in matters such as marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, books, whether this boy does not pay attention to me or even if somebody wants to quit the degree, etc … the roller coaster of adolescence he always talks about.
If you need any reading, article, song or advice, do not doubt about it, he is the right person.

The differentiating element of Jose Luis , that has reached us all, is how caring he is to us,  how he transmits his knowledge and how happy and energetic he always looks, not to talk about his “Amazing” sense of humor. He is definately made for this and he knows it, we know it aswell, having the chance of being part of that illusion is really incredible and privilege to all of us.

As a conclusion to your stay in Finland and as a way to thank you more than anything else we all are really greatful for everything you’ve done for us during this six months, we wish you a joyful stay in Spain and for sure a very well deserved Happy Birthday. And please, when you come back, do it with the same illusion and joy you’ve treated us with, but above all with the same desire to teach and learn.



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  1. A mi me dio clase de Estrategia y Marketing Digital. Creyó en mi, apostó por mi… y hoy estoy trabajando en Google Irlanda. JL es más que un profesor. Es mi mentor. Gracias infinitas.


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