Have you never felt like doing a break, but the huge amount of work prevents you from doing it? Have you ever been studying and could not move from the site? YUMMY is the solution !! yummy.indalaprojects.com

This project was born from the inspiration of similar projects in the United States universities. The concept is simple, if someone is working or studying or simply does not want to move the site, we do home delivery Cookies and Hot Drink.


This project consists of three people: Jesus Novillo (CEO & Founder), Jaime Marquiegui (Co-Founder) and Jorge Riestra (CFO & Co-Founder). Each with a different background, but a common goal: to deliver moments of tranquility and well-being when one needs it most.

The daily bust can be mitigated in different ways, we consider that saving people’s time is the best way to help them achieve greater inner well-being.


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