Paraná Skateboards is a brand founded by 5 young entrepreneurs (Francisco Ramírez, Ignacio Bastarrica, Rafael Muñoz, Beltrán Alcol and Borja Lázaro) located in Madrid, Spain and that is in charge of elaborating boards of skateboarding engraved with laser.

Paraná Skateboards started as a project that aims to bring skateboards closer to people who could not afford a table for its high price, but we discovered that other brands were already doing this task, so we pivoted until we discovered that we were wasting an element we had for our use: laser cutter, that we have it in the space of Teamlabs Madrid, and we thought to do something which was not practically on the market, to sell Skateboards engraved with laser.

After doing enough tests with the power and the thickness of the laser we obtained it and we made the first table of the model Pablo Escobar and in turn we took a roll of brand sweatshirts as an advertising tool.

After this we had this thought of looking for another way to move our product and we thougth: why not looking for artists who designed the tables and make with them an exhibition? We we have our hands in work to make an exhibition of 15 artists who will make their designs in our tables, and these will be put on sale later.

Contact us at instagram or at our web page 


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