This project aims to differentiate itself from traditional consultancies. Using our own method (we are a group of young entrepreneurs) and implementing innovative dynamics we provide an external and objective view of the company´s problems. Current brands do not connect with the new generation. MAZINN is the new generation. We believe in design thinking as the engine of a company, and we know that creativity is inside everyone, so we just boost it!

We do not have your solution! When you use our method, you are the one who finds it Duration (one intensive work week), exclusive dedication (just one customer per week) and an affordable price are the three pillars of MAZINN.

We work through a methodology created by us, product of our own techniques and Design Thinking methods, and all this operating under Scrum, a framework that encourages problem solving through self-managed and multidisciplinary teams. This teams must be as diverse as possible, since we believe the more complex a problem is, the more diversity it is needed in order to solve it.

We want to offer an external and complete perspective of your company, so we use the form of the event Hackathon, an intensive dynamic between 8-12 h in which in an unusual space, professionals on different fields and experts chosen expressly for your company´s problem (designers, marketing gurus, programmers), collaborate with Internal staff of our customer (the company). After this dynamic, the results are analyzed, we obtain conclusions and elaborate a report that we after send to the company, ending the cycle of 7 days of work.


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