Willy, a young entrepreneur from the company “Indala projects” who, after seeing that there were people who frequent the gym, and those always try to do his exercises, decided to propose them to be his personal trainer and offered to provide them with tables with personalized diets.

Like any entrepreneur, he is starting to develop the project like a prototype by experimenting with his co-workers. The dynamics are working, and his students are happy with the activities that the rates offer. He tells us that they are rates for both genders. Exercise  to gain muscle mass, lose weight, maintenance … Everything!

Our personal trainer has been in the fitness world since he was 16 years old. His father won the kik-boxing European championship in the 80’s. In addition, since he was a child, he was taught self-defense techniques along with boxing and kik-boxing. Nowaday he follows a diet and exercises of his own harvest, and told us that they are giving very good results in a very short period of time.

He decided that he would teach at the Salo campus gymnasium at the University of Turku, Finland. It’s a gym wide enough to give  classes and, as his predictions say there will be no overbooking of customers, everything is under control. In the case that the business grows, he would take action by taking a larger room or classes with internet appointment with a limit of people.

To conclude, he told us that he was very happy, very motivated and eager to further develop this project because he wants to transmit his happiness to his clients and capture the sacrifice of everyone in the results.


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