JOY Essay, worth taking a look at it.

Today we are back at it with this reflection about the movie JOY, from Paula Villalón who belongs to the team company Kippit. Hope you all like it.


           Joy tells the story of a young entrepreneur who decided to change her world. The title is such because it is the name that receives the main character, a fighter who keeps all her family at home while working nights at the airport. But Joy is not a normal girl, she is a person who since childhood has dreams, ideas that used to become reality but, for one reason or another (lack of help in the greater cases) as she grows up, she leaves behind.
With this story I have confirmed one of the conclusions I have drawn from these months in Leinn, and is that entrepreneurs are super people who have problems like everyone, but still, they are able to match them with things that normal people do not dream about. That’s Joy.
If I could describe this story with two words it would be despair and overcoming, because, really, the family problems that this girl has are unimaginable. And there she is, re-mortgaging her house because of an idea.
But I think it is better to tell the story and as the facts happen, write the learning I have learned from these:
As I said, Joy begins telling the story of a girl with many family problems that highlights her patience and ease to solve problems. With slight flashbacks to their childhood they explain their eagerness to create things that help people (an allusion to the future of history), but that, over time, is losing her illusion.
One day on the boat of his father’s new wife, having to mop a few broken glasses off the ground, She cuts off her hands, and when She gets home, She begins to have an idea. And this is one of my favorite moments because, besides describing perfectly what an entrepreneur is (someone who finds solutions to problems) I like the illusion with which She embodies her idea with the waxes and notebooks of her daughter.
The idea of Joy is a mop that runs off alone, using mechanisms and pieces that she designed herself. And here come the problems that I would like to define in different points:

• Her family: She asks her father’s girlfriend to finance the project, who, in my opinion, would describe as: somebody with no idea of anything in life, but, there was no other financing option. But that is not all; Joy has a father who wants to please everyone, an envious step-sister, a depressed mother and an ex-husband and a best friend who, thank goodness, support her in all his decisions.

• Suppliers: It turns out that, since mops are Joy’s first business project, it is her family who advises her, and, as she does without knowing, it turns out that the cheapest providers they find are the same ones that have a contract Of exclusivity with the patent owners of a very similar mop in Hong Kong.

• Marketing: I think the part that reminded me most of Leinn in this story is when She tries to sell the mop. It is practically the same as our customer visits, because She goes to millions of sites, millions, all with negative answers, until, finally, it gets a contact to interview with the biggest “teletienda” of the country. And is that even with contacts is easy, because, all the managers of the sales team laugh at her, since, after all, is a woman trying to sell a mop. And it is at this moment that Joy brings to light her whole personality; She faces them, the CEO and manages to make a dent. How? Because she is so sure of what she sells, of what she has created that they do not have where to take it.
In my opinion, these are the three biggest problems in the story, which obviously are intertwined with each other to form the final problem; The suppliers take over the patent, their family makes her sign their own bankruptcy, and they question their ability to get anything. But, as I said before, entrepreneurs are super people who achieve things that normal people do not even dream of, despite the problems; Joy re-reads absolutely every contract She has signed, and succeeds in finding the hole by which she not only recovers what he had already achieved but also benefits, since there was no patent in Hong Kong.
There’s so much I’ve learned from this story, from the character of Joy (who I think I’ve already told), as well as her ex-husband and best friend, her family, and Nill, the CEO of the telestore.
From her experience with Nill I have learned that a good leader understands and loves all workers, is kind and clear with them, since they should not think that they work for him, but with him. That a good leader is a leader in all his actions and that, no matter how you go “plugged” a customer, you should always know where you are going and what you do, because you will not meet someone so understanding.
From her ex-husband and best friend I have learned the need that any person, no matter how strong it seems, has some support and help at some point in his life.
From your family I have learned that envy is capable of killing illusions and even lives, that you can not live your life in function of that of others forever, and that if you do, it will pass you by without realizing it.
I think the biggest learning of this story is that you do not have to put limits. She does not do it. And maybe I’m doing it when I try to sell one or two cases a day, when she sold 50,000 of the same print run, and that led her to create many projects later.
I have learned that life will put you into a thousand million stones, and that it is up to you to skip them; That no matter what people who do not love you, and who does, they will support you even if they have no idea of entrepreneurship or business.
I have also learned the power of the word, because it can from encouraging you to achieve your biggest dreams, to destroy them without any mercy. And I think many times I’m a bit negative with the Kippit people about their projects, and I can not know when my true opinion will hurt and when it is necessary. I guess the experience will help me in that, because for that I am here, to learn from this.

What are your thoughts on this?


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