Could this be the Real Meaning of Happinness?

There is absolutely no doubt about Albert Einsteins’ achievements in life and to humanity itself. When this name is heard by anybody, the first thing that comes up in their mind is probably the invention of some quantum physics theories, which are all really hard to understand, but somehow provided vital information to science itself.


The point I’m trying to proof here is all about the phylosophical talent Einstein had aswell.

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

This is a quote that led to really noticeable changes in my life, at first sight it might not mean anything significant to you, but when we start to anlyse these deepthoughts from Eintein, we get vital information for our lifes to make of the world a better place.

Many successful people are praised as if the were demigods, due to how they achieved success, and how beautiful and idealistic everything was in their all-successful lifes. What we should all focus on, is in how these people achieved their goals, to Einstein what really mattered was not success itself, staying true to our values is what really mattered to him. And from my point of view there is no doubt that this is what should really be the main objective for all of us in life. Many won’t find success, which is perfectly fine, but what will  make them feel good with themselves is knowing that they always stayed true to their values.

Right here may lay, the key to real happinness. Maybe success is not what makes us feel good with us, it probably is the way we followed to try to achieve those goals, knowing we did everything according to our own values.




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