A Monday During our Third Week

Today was a pretty messy and at the same time productive day, tons of essays and motorolas from the challenge week were written, our indicator rate is looking greater than ever compared to the week before, even though we are still quite far from the finish line.Talking about this so called “Finish line” there is no doubt that it is crucial to have it in mind, but at the end of the day what really matters is the fact that we are all unconsciously becoming what every succesful person is, and this is what we all know as constant learners.

Well, leaving aside this deep thoughts of mine, lets move on to what went well and whta went wrong in our team this Monday 6th. Everything begins with our training session, the first point was talking about the basics, since there are some areas of improvement, specially in one them, which everybody knows. I´ll give you a clue, it starts with “E” and ends with “nglish”. Moving on to the next point, we had a deep discussion about how the money is being managed by some people in the team, luckily we got to a conclussion, in which everybody seemed to agree. As always we talked about some projects aswell, doing some brainstormings. And last but not least, there was a really interesting booksharing about the 13 leadership principles from Steve Jobs.


After the training some people went out to the street to do some customer visits, and others satayed in the Novia Center, working on their projects. Talking a bit about my day, we worked hard in a project we want to launch in Spain related to a box service, you guys will soon get to know what it is.

That was basically it for today, hope you all enjoyed and we will be back with more next day.


Kind regards from Kippit.


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