The Millenial Question, Essay.

Today Arancha brings us her essay aout a video from Simon Sinek, it is really worth giving it a look:

Simon Sinek talks about the generation called “millenials”. He describes them as narcissistic, unfocused, self-interested people, who can´t confront leadership, with others and themselves. They ask for things that won´t make them happy because they are uncapable of looking into the long term future.  He blames this desmotivation to four prime factors.

The first one is failed parenting. Everyone knows that during the first years of our infancy we are like sponges, absorbing everything we see, hear, or feel. That´s why parenting is so important, that´s why these are the year to give lessons to your children, to let them fail and come back up again, to create an enthusiastic and humble adult that will do the best he cans with this world. Parents have also changed, and sadly, it to good is not the general outcome. They are lazy too, they can´t cope with a sad and annoying child so they tell them they are perfect and that they can have anything that they want. Is it normal to have a medal for coming last, so the child doesn´t get angry? By elliminating the barriers we are supposed to encounter you are just making a dependent adult that won´t be able to cope with unplanned situations. They have to know before they come to REAL life that reality is cruel, it is difficult, and dreams don´t come if you don´t go and get them. Life is a messy trip you won´t enjoy if commodity is your happinness. Reality is, you are not special, and you will always have someone who is better than you. But you have to praise this inperfections, it means you have more to learn. Willingness must create holes in our spirit to fill with information, experiences and love. In conclusion, “who really loves you will make you cry”, because you aren´t special, you are you, another person more. But those who love you will always believe you can be more. Potential doesn´t make you different, everybody “can be”, but who is?

Secondly, he talks about Technology, and how badly it has impacted in our relationships. Instagram, snapchat and all of these social networks, make it really easy for people to create an image of themselves. This image is recieved by your followers who will never know the situation in which you really took the photo. It´s easy to lie through these apps, to show people your life is amazing even if you are not happy with it. What´s the use of being depressed in real life, even though people think you are the happiest person alive? When did how we look to the world, become more important than looking at the world? Talking to people on social media releases dopamine, the same hormone associated with pleasure, drinking, gambling, and smoking. Why does drinking have age restrinctions? Because it´s dangerous to use it when we can´t control ourselves as much. So, why do children as small as 8, have a mobile phone? They will reach for the phone for the same reasons an alcoholic reaches to get the rum; they are sad, and it´s easier to forget it, than to fight it. Too many kids nowadays are uncapable of creating deep, meaningful relationships, and the problem is trust is the real way to cope with stress. That´s why it should be so shocking that reaching for the device is the automatic way they have to deal with depression. Talking through a screen will give you only a temporary relief which, at the end of the day, won´t have solved your problems. The trust you build through living experiences together, because watching their decisions is the best way to get to know a person. But good things take time, and this is how he introduces the next part.

Impatience. Millenials can´t wait. They are used to instant satisfaction, and don´t care about the quality of the satisfaction, if they have it when they want it. Is quick better than lasting? I believe not. Having dopamine at your fingertips, the on-line world has made it really easy to find that instat gratification they are looking for. Children nowadays, learn how to take a photo before learning table manners (which includes no phones while eating). “You don´t even need to learn basic social coping mechanisms” to make friends. Why is easy so attractive? As I have heard a thousand times now, your dreams are outside your confort zone, even more, they are even futher away than your fear zone is. We have built a cloud of smoke that makes everything instant (dating…etc), except things like trust, job satisfaction, or strong relationships. Love takes time and is messy. There are ups and downs, as there are in everything that is truly worth it. They will never really find joy if they are looking for it in the surface. The beauty of the sea lies not, floating in the surface (that too) but undercover, in the depths of the ocean, where not everything is known, but everything can be expected. We just have to, patienty, look for it, and, once we find it, fight for it till the last breath.

The last factor, and most important, in my opinion, is the enviroment. “They then work for coorporations that care more about numbers than about their workers.” These coorporations lack good leadership. They work towards goals, instead of creating goals while working. Millenials don´t understand the fullfilment that you get from working on something for years and years. As I said previously, they look for instant impact, instant satisfaction. On a daily basis you should be satisfied and motivated just by working on what you want, that´s why you have to materialise your passion. But, the real reward, the real peak, or impact they are looking to have in the comapany, or world, takes time. Stability should be their goal because only with calm you make the best decisions and it is those decisions that take you where you want to go, not just being there, but making something more of what is. Only this, I repeat, is a very, very, long process, and greatness doesn´t come from momentary acts, but from permanent ways of living, and recurring demonstrations. The greater you want to be, in conclusion, the longer it will take for you to grow into it. “Good things take time” so stop, and make them happen.

“Ideas come when our mind wonders”, he says. We are taking these moments away. Instead of grabbing your phone when you are waiting in the bus stop, or whenever you are bored, take a moment to look around. Take a moment to think, instead of letting the machine think for you. Take a moment to reach conclusions from what you see, instead of reading other peoples opinions of what is. Please, just take a moment to keep calm. The highest peaks have the longest climbs and hardest falls, but fear not the fall, and don´t get tired of climbing too soon. You have to anchor yourself well to the mountain, metaphoricaly, by creating relationships or whatever, so the fall doesn´t hit you that hard. And you have to realise your future will at one point be your present and that where you want to be counts more than where you are.

Ver Vídeo Completo

This was all for today, hope you liked it.


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