Microsoft insights

Finishing the Research week! After seeing the Start ups located in the Microsoft complex in Salo, we were left with the desire to contrast the way of work and the internal organization of a great company like this, to try to apply it in our lab.

That is why today we had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the premises of Microsoft headquarters in Finland, located in Espoo. Thanks to a contact from Madrid it was possible to make the appointment possible.

As soon as we arrived at the complex of the American company, the result was breathtaking, due to the importance of the work carried out there and the repercussion it has. At the beginning of the visit, we began by talking about what we are doing, our interests and what we were trying to obtain of the visit.


Later on, they took a tour of the facilities and we were astonished, as we seemed from another world, both the working atmosphere and the wideness of the space and the organization that was inside,was something that we would like to take as an example for our work zones.

As for the methods used, we find certain similarities with the way of working in which we are accustomed, because they share the same view as us of removing the walls so that there is more co-working and the different departments are not so distanced. Naturally, they had things that were unknown to us, such as soundproof booths that were spread out in the offices so that Skype calls could be made more quietly.

To this, must also be added the library that the employees have, some of them brought books, and a wonderful gym, which was so complete that it seemed better than many in Madrid, giving views to a beautiful icy lake. Also, we noticed that there were 2 restaurants on the premises, with many varieties of food, from vegetarian to Finnish food to food from the rest of the world. In this aspect it is necessary to emphasize the good attention of the company to its employees, since they try to facilitate the life putting at their disposal these services that are foreign to the working life.

A wonderful gym, which was so complete that it seemed better than many in Madrid, giving views to a beautiful icy lake

One surprising thing that we found to be very innovative was the way the employees work, because they do not need to do long working days in the office, as employees could work from home and have videocall meetings. We also found it modern that there were no fixed places to do work, but you could sit wherever you wanted, so you change your co-worker and do not immerse yourself in the routine.


The visit was guided by Essi, a member of the Marketing and Sales department, who has been working for a year and a half in the company, dedicated to marketing and communication. We only have words of appreciation, given that she gave us a warm welcome, as well as shared her time and was most courteous throughout the stay.

Also worthy of mention was the incorporation of Milja (Community Manager of Microsoft Finland), very friendly who shared with us her knowledge about communication channels and social networks, a subject that we were quite interested in, since we carried out projects related to this field.

Don’t miss a post if you want to keep learning more about this experience! See you next time!


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