Making noise in Salo

Time to wake up Salo!  Our leinners Emma and Paco (Keywer and Indala respectively) have met today with the most important local newspapaerSALONJOKILAAKSO. Attended by its editor, Pekka Maempaa.

They are a team of  four people who are in charge of spreading the news. Maempa was interested in knowing who we were, what we were doing here in Salo and how our unconventional educational model was.

One of the main topics we discussed is about our degree od Leadership, entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). Maempaa agreed that our career required certain maturity, but didn’t believe young people of 18 years were willing to achieve it, since it requires constant work and involvement.

Once again their proximity and desire to know more about us has broken the stereotypes about the Finnish. Maempaa was very interested to know more about the projects we are developing here and all the stuff we have supporting our activity.

He wants us to send him an article about our story, our blog and what we are going to do.

In fact the newspaper is going to come to the Investors Day on Monday at Turku AMK to take pictures of both companys working togheter with the local people of the university!

Thank you very much to Pekka Maempaa, editor of the newspaper, for taking the time to talk with us.


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