Customer Week. Day 3, Turku

Have you missed us yet? If the answer is no, I’ll give you a reason to. Today we come with even more customer visits, this time about work uniform providing. So here we go:


Our main objective was to make the hotel chain an offer by going to reception of this one and get their superiors telephone number. Once that was achieved we were looking forward to call him/her and arrange a meeting to offer them some cheap/high quality working uniforms.


We selected this hotel chain because it is pretty well-known in Finland and some local residents recommended us to pay them a visit. The first step was to look up their website to see what they offered. Secondly we prepared some questions to ask them if we achieved that meeting with the hotel chain owner. If we didn’t get this far, we would just go to any other local or national business to offer them some other customized uniform clothes.


We didn’t achieve our goals, since the hotel chain already has a contract with another company. But there is a chance of supplying them with uniforms in the near future. The people we talked to were really nice, they provided us with all the contact information we required. But when we talked to their superior, we didn’t performed as well as we expected since we got nervous, and we didn’t speak clearly. Maybe we aimed too high, since this company was way too big for us. Our preparation was pretty good, we prepared a list of questions to ask our clients.


This is all for today, hope you all enjoyed it.

Have a nice day.



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