There is something beyond football…

Greetings from Salo! Today the weather didn’t help, as usual, although we woke up with positive faces to continue with this week of learning. Today our teammates Alvaro Justribó and Adrián Ballester made a visit to the professional Ice Hockey team of Salo.

The visit consisted of getting to know Palloijliat Club from a close point of view and getting information about both the general sport (hockey) and the team’s organization, with the intention of offering them marketing and brand definition services, since they consider that the club’s media and marketing plan is obsolete.

As we were told, they enjoyed as children watching the training of the 1st team and had the opportunity to talk to the manager who offered them free tickets for the next 3 matches, as well as a free ice-hockey classes. In addition, they arranged a meeting on Friday to meet a man who will be able to give them more in-depth information about how to manage a sports club.

As you can see the biggest learning that they got is being persistant and talking to as many people as possible. Remember there are a lot of opportunities out there, go look for them!


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