Spreading our word: Helsinki

Today some of our leinners left our small town to visit the wonders of the big city: Helsinki. It is a place full of life compared to the silent Salo, and they couldn’t have chosen a better opportunity to go there, as the reason for their visit was to attend the event “In search of co-founders” in the company NewCo. In there their purpose was to present our team project, which consists of preparing a Hackaton here in Finland, and you can bet they did and giving the best of themself in the process.

This event is created specifically to connect great business ideas with business opportunity seekers, and to provide an opportunity for people to meet potential co-founders and business partners. As we know, it is not that easy to start out of nothing if our green friend is missing, so here the main goal was to get in touch with as many contacts as possible for us to be able to work with them in a -hopefully- close future.

After a long and exhausting day, our mates learned a lot about different start-ups that were presenting their projects and got the names and numbers of several people who we will make very sure to take good care of (we can’t waste the chance of getting help, guys!).

To begin with, we were quite surprised to find out that the main goal of the event was just to present your projects and see if anyone wanted to take part in it with you, but we didn’t let this small detail let us down. We presented our Hackaton giving a detailed explanation of who we are and how our team company works, as well as explaining the main point of our idea. We counted with the advantage of our Spanish way of presenting, which in contrast with the shyness of other companies made our speech more appealing and interesting. Our poor finns!

Once this part was over what our friends did was start walking around gathering as much information as we could (bless them). One of the things they found out was that there is a co-working space in Helsinki where we can ask for free advice and where can work for free. This is great news if we need to stay in the city and work one day!

Apart from this, one thing that was made obvious is that most start-ups in here tend to develop websites, apps and innovative software. It might sound obvious, but there are very different ways of starting a company and the amount of start-ups that are located in this country is pretty astonishing, if you stop to think about it.

During this whole mess of companies, Pepe, Emma, Adrián and Álvaro (who are the four people who attended the event) managed to get in touch with several of them:

  • Host my pet: this is a startup that has spent two years developing a platform that helps people with pets find people willing to stay with them for a period of time commensurated with them. This application is very similar to the one that our friends from LEINN Madrid are developing on their fifth year. Their CEO, Mert Mutlu, was very interested in talking to us because he wanted to export this app throughout Europe. This is because according to him there is very little market in Finland, as they have so few inhabitants in the country.
  • Let’s cook: it was an idea presented by two boys that consists of a cooking platform made for people who love cooking but have a lack of motivation and run out of innovative cooking ideas. The platform is specially thought for people who live abroad, young people, students that want to learn how to cook and prepare different kinds of food. Its social-networking styled platform is thought to help cooks making video calls with other people around the world so they can share their hobbies together. It is funnier and less boring having somebody to cook with!
  • El Mercado Espanjalainen Kauppa: this establishment wasn’t really presented in NewCo’s event, but it was one of the reasons why our leinners visited the city and we  couldn’t leave them out because they are Spanish and that is awesome. It is a Spanish food shop located at the “Old Market Hall” and sells all kind of typical Spanish products: spices, oil, ham, coffee, paella, gazpacho and utensils for cooking. Its manager, Jaime Ysern, was very friendly and he told us he decided to start there his business because he came doing a Erasmus and realized that there wasn’t in Finland a shop that sold slice ham. Now, in 2017, he is the only one who does it and has great success, especially during the weekend. (You know what to do now: run there and get some paella).

As you can see they weren’t bored during the day, and we appreciate very much the effort they made in order to visit this amazing event and share the knowledge they got from it with the rest of us. It won’t be for sure the last time we have to visit Helsinki, but this was a great start and we are now eager to think of amazing ideas to present and to start carrying out our projects in Finland as soon as possible and as well as we can.

While this part of the team was in the city, the rest of us visited the old Nokia area here in Salo and had our own small presentation for several different start-ups where we learned a lot about the business they do here and how to start a project only having a great idea and not much to work on. We talked to NuvizSalo RadioteleNeoliticsSofictaSeason… sounds interesting, doesn’t it? We will talk about it some other day!

Don’t let us down! We are still rolling!



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  1. Nice but don’t forget to add links to the webpages of the local companies you mention in your post.


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