Halfway into customer week

Hi! We are OSO and we want to share how is going this customer week with you, we are in the middle of that week today the 1st of february. The customer week is a week where we have a little contest in which we have to make the most customers visits we can, so here are some of the CV we have made.


One interesting customer visit was the one with the company Proffcent, which is runned by students like us, and we went there to ask some questions about a project but we got a brand new project instead, was pretty cool and we are dealing with them today to see what can we do but the most probably is going to be an Spanish week in his cafeteria.

Other interesting costumer was the one we did in a school. We went to an old, beautiful school and we ask for the principal, the reception person sent us to the office and we were talking with him about different things and we offer him spanish classes. It was a very good costumer, we learnt about a lot of things and also we gave our contact to that school.


Other customer we like a lot was the one we made to Logomo, one of the co-working spaces of Turko and we really enjoyed the way it worked. Apart of the quality of the enterprises, is magnificat the modernist desing of the building. Is exactly the way that you will dream tu be a co working space.whatsapp-image-2017-02-01-at-10-20-53






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