Exploring Salo’s Startups: Sensoan

After yesterday’s visit to “The Gold Mine” of startups in Microsoft’s offices, we went back to talk with the co-founder of


: Jari Suutari. ( Linked-in – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarisuutari/ )

 Sensoan is a startup founded on February 2016. They are specialized in Short range networks, smart sensors, wide area networks  and cloud data analysis. Their team has a long background on smartphone development due to their experience with Nokia and Microsoft.

This visit has been very constructive. We have all experienced that even though we might have less experience and still be studying at university nowadays, we have the capability of solving other enterprise’s difficulties. In this case, Sensoan has a very wide market and offers a technical product that is difficult to understand its functionalities. We observed their big potential and aimed to collaborate in improving their weak aspects that are: Marketing and communication.

We discussed the idea of improving their website and making a research target market essay to improve their branding and increase their sales. We will get back in touch once we have studied the possibilities. We are eager to start working with them. They are openminded, and very professional.

We are thankful for their time and aim to help.

For nay further information don’t hesitate to visit them or their site:




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  1. Are they able to measure the amount of people passing in front of a store/building during a day (using the smartphones those people have in their pocket)?
    That would be a great project to commercialize in Spain to Real Estate agencies focusing on commercial spaces in order to be able to calculate the rental fee according to the “traffic”.


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