How can we bring Spanish food to Salo?

After some opportunities research and having mapped Salo, it was time for us to do some market research with the residents to validate the projects we had in mind. To do this, some of us prepared some questions to search and identify the needs of Salo´s citizens.

One of the ideas we wanted to validate was if the Spanish Cooking Classes or the Latin Cuisine would be of interest to the Finns. We decided to make the study in Salo´s Turku University for Applied Science.

1. Is there any interest for Spanish cuisine in Finland?

We found out there is an interest but its not a priority for people here.
The Hispanic culture in general causes curiosity, but the cuisine is not our strongest point for them.

2. Would you aim to go?

Everyone expressed the importante of the date. This is because they were students and it should be a date in which they don´t have exams.
We weren´t asked for the price, which is a curious fact as in Spain people have always as a priority to know the price of everything before accepting to buy it.

3. Do you think another type of audience would like the idea?

We have emphasize on the idea of focusing the course to other segments: elders, couples, parents and children, … to see there opinions.

Many students told us that instead of focusing on a single target, create an event in which everyone can sign up and dont limit it to only one type of client, as all ages here in Salo would be interested in a type of course like this.

4. In what way do you think it could be made known?

Our elders have recommended us that no brochures or posters work, although the latter are very useful in universities, institutes and colleges… Educational sites.
Advertising on the street is not an option as we have been said its unusefull.

People here recommended the social networks and that we start to share a publication and a couple of posters in educational institutions.

We have been specially recommended Facebook, we could talk to universities or pages on the subject to arrive quicker and more effectively to the public interested in these issues.

5. Salo?

We have been told that there are several centers that teach cooking classes in Salo, so we will visit them to know more on the subject.

This already provides us something, first we have an audience already interested and also several sites to compare and decide where to teach these classes.

The conclusions we took out of this is that we can offer something different, it is something that changes the routine of the Finns, is not taught in Salo, and could be a good opportunity.

However, by the other hand it is true that no one has shown great enthusiasm. As far as I could see, we could compare this to Indian food classes in Spain, something that you may like and you could aim for, but so you would not die either if you dont, which means that arriving to the client and getting his attention will be much more difficult.


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