Indala: Research Week

¡First day of Research Week exceeded! The team lived up to the predictions and at 20:00 there was a great variety of motorolas to choose from where they developped what they did. Although we cannot talk about all of them, we have all worked in our research and learning a lot of things about the city of Salo. Today I´m going to talk about the visit made by Sara and Eva to the school Alhaisten Koulu.

The CV that they did has the aim of investigating about how education works in Salo and learn more about what interests them during their free time. Apart from that, they were testing the ground to check if it would be possible to bring into the school their nice cooking classes especially dedicated to children, in which they learn how to bake and cake delicious desserts and delicatessen.

During this visit they talked to the rector Tuukka Lekberg, who kindly offered to put them in contact with a Spanish-speaking teacher in case they needed any help or had any proposals to carry on at the school.

They especially questioned about two differents topics:

The first one was a few questions about the chidren’s education, how their subjects work, the number of hours that they usually stay in class, what support they offer to the not too good students, etc. We learned that the school holds 6 grades of children and they start getting homework on their 3rd grade. Furthermore, they start learning English on their first year and can keep up a fluent conversation by their third year (which is very surprising, as in Spain kids don’t usually get a really high level until high school).

Their lessons are divided in 45 minute subjects separated by 15 min breaks, as well as a half-an-hour break in the middle. It is somehow similar to our system, but as we can see their lessons are shorter and there is another huge different that startled us: they don’t have any grades! The children take tests from time to time but just as a way of measuring how well the group is working, not in order to grade them in any way.

As another nice fact, the rector said that level of bullying here is very low and whenever there is a problem with the students some teacher interferes and helps solving the problem. Moreover, they have support groups for the kids to help them keeping up with the group, but in their system there is no thing such as repeating one year.

After this, the second part of their visit was about projects we could carry out in the school, basically based on interviews in English with the kids to help them improve their level and get rid of their shyness. They also proposed to bring here the workshops they have been working on in Spain, “Just Cook it, which are small cooking courses for children.

Wrapping it up, it was an enjoyable visit and they were very kind an open to our girls’ questions and proposals, so we hope to stay in touch with them and maybe carry out one of our projects at the school.

For now we are doing a good work, so we have to keep discovering more aspects about Finnish life and people. Also keep working and try to make our bests!



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